I got some problem in my download macromedia.

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I got some problem in my download macromedia. A macromedia covers the Dreamweaver application which helps those web developers to arrange the website tables and columns, rows, and other stuffs involving coding. The problem is it seems that my macromedia applications are not working including Dreamweaver, it crashes and never let me use the software. I am using Windows 7 starter Os.


Waiting for your support.

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I got some problem in my download macromedia.



May be your Macromedia get corrupted. Follow these steps.
1. Just try uninstall it and then reinstall it. 
2. If it's crashing again that mean your cache is corrupted.
3. To delete a corrupted Cache file :
a) Dreamweaver makes a cache file by the name WinFileCache-****.dat or MacFile Cache-*****.dat in your dreamweaver personnel configuration.
4. Turn on or enable show hidden files.
5. Locate folder of your Personnel configuration : To locate it depends on your OS.
a ) C:users<username>AppDataRoamingAdobeDreamweaver CsX<Language>Configuration. ( for windows 7 and vista).
b ) C:Documents and settings<username>AppdataAdobeDreamweaver CsX<Language>Configuration. ( for windows XP).
6. Check the file which is 8192 bytes or 8K or multiple.
7. Rename it with .txt
8. Open it and add some characters, Lines Or Comments and then save file.
9. Now restart your Macromedia Dreamweaver. 


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