I get two error messages Windows-vista error …

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Two error messages

I recently got a Gateway Computer with Vista Home Premium preinstalled. After
a day of using the computer I started getting a "No Operating System" error.
This error is no longer occurring, but now when I bootup, it will sit and say
"Creating your Desktop" for a long time, then come up with the following two
"The procedure entry point SdbShowApphelpfromQuery could not be located in
the dynamic link library apphelp.dll"
"Error loading C:Windowssystem32mscories.dll"
It will log into my profile, but gives me a message saying that there was a
problem loading my profile, and that nothing I do will be saved.
I'm at a loss, I have tried searching for an answer to these, but I can't find anything.
Please help!!
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I get two error messages Windows-vista error …


Now a day’s using windows vista is not so great. Some software developer point some problem in its security but still there is a solution. Seems that some windows file is missing from your computer it is not so hard to solve. The first thing is that I think you still can open your computer by safe mode. 

To open in a safe mode you just press and hold f8 button while your computer is starting but I recommended you to reinstall your vista it will easily solve your problem if you do not have the installation disk just buy it.

If you do not know how to reinstall windows vista then I have a link for you. 

You can learn reinstalling from there.

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I get two error messages Windows-vista error …



Here are main reasons for this error:

1. Your window is infected by a virus which has removed this dll file.

2. There may be some problem in your registry.

3. The dll file has been deleted by you.

4. The file has moved to any other folder.

All the above mentioned problems are cause of this error. However solution is very easy. I will give you different solutions. You can try them one by one and I hope it will work.

1. If your dll is missing or corrupted you can download this file again from the internet and place it in its folder.

2. If your file is infected by virus, try to install a good antivirus program and scan your computer.

3. If still not fixed, there is some software available on the internet to check and repair these types of issues.  You can download one of them here:


After downloading, install this program and run a complete scan. After the scan is complete, it will show some errors. Click on fix and your problem will be fixed.

4. If still your problem is not solved you can install a fresh copy of windows.


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