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Good day,

I have been using Gearbox, new software that was produced by Guitarport for sound recording for a while with no problems till recently when I started getting the error message below.

It seems Gearbox is unable to read data anymore.

Could that be the problem?

Input Device Error

The specified format is not supported or cannot be translated.

Use the Capabilities function to determine the supported formats.

Your selected sound card is not able to use this sample rate. Check your settings to see if you have the correct device selected. Verify what sample rates your sound card can play by going to Options > Device Properties.

Also check Options > Device Order to make sure that you have the proper sound card selected for use.

Much obliged.

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There seems to be a conflict between the hardware and the software. It’s like while you are doing your recording your soundcard is sending a sample rate different from what the program is expecting to receive.

Your soundcard can not handle anymore the specified sample rate of GearBox.

Try cleaning the soundcard. Shutdown Windows and then open your CPU case.

Remove the soundcard from the slot. Clean the soundcard’s copper end with an ordinary pencil eraser, just rub it.

Do it on both sides and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. Install it back on the slot and then turn on your computer.

Try running GearBox again. If the problem is still the sample rate, you have a failing soundcard.

But to be sure check again the program’s settings just to be sure that you are running GearBox with the right settings.

Sharath Reddy