Does E3:2012 has new games in it

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Hey, Anyone know which are the new games added in latest E3? How different is this E3 from E2? What is the cost of this E3?

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Does E3:2012 has new games in it



E3 this year has been tremendous. And I had to say that Nintendo is the winner of this one. They led the extravagant expo by fully marketing their brand new console, the Nintendo Wii U.
Every game that they announced in this year’s E3 was very astounding and very powerful. All of the games that they announced used the full potential of the Wii U Controller (a controller with a touch screen) and the High-Definition graphics. Some of the slated release games for the Nintendo Wii U are:
Scribblenauts Unlimited – It is a sequel to one of the most creative puzzle games Scribblenauts, where you solve a puzzle by thinking any word that you can think of. Enter that word, and expect the game to give you your entered word. Enter a light saber, and a light saber will magically drop to your character. The replayability of the game is very promising because there are no fixed words that can be used to pass a level.


It is a sequel to one of the most creative puzzle games Scribblenauts


ZombiU – one of this year's E3's surprises
ZombiU – One of the most unique games of the Wii U that can put all past zombie games on their knees. It is a zombie-themed game, sure, but it ends there. Imagine a crossover between Left4Dead and Dark Souls, where you acquire weapons and different items to survive the zombie apocalypse. The trailer for this game is pretty slick too, displaying time-lapsed images set in the country of England.
Other games like Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition (you can use the Wii U Controller to look at your inventory), Aliens: Colonial Marines (a fine reprise of the Aliens movie), and Pikmin 3, the highly anticipated sequel to the addictive strategy game Pikmin.
Another contender for the most significant event in the E3 2012 is the display of Square-Enix’s tech demo of their new graphics technology – coined “Luminous Studios” – that can bring current consoles into their knees. The tech-demo is so rich and powerful that it cannot be run on current-generation consoles. It is not yet a game though, but expect next year’s E3 (or this year’s Tokyo Game Show) to go full blast on this.
Halo 4: One of the greatest franchises on the Xbox has a sequel


Halo 4: One of the greatest franchises on the Xbox has a sequel
There are other great games released on this year’s E3 (Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Assassin’s Creed III, Halo 4 and Gears of War: Judgment, The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls), but it is confident to say that E3 2012 is way better than last year’s E3. Last year’s E3 is full of sequels and rehashes anyway.

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