I don’t know how to configure my VM

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Hello experts.

I don't know how to configure my VM.

I tried to have the developer preview but I can't. I'm using Intel, 32 bit.

Can you help me?

Thank you so much!

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I don’t know how to configure my VM



Here are the possible solution for VMware player (Not yet supported)(VMP)(FREE)


VMware Workstation(Not yet Supported)(VMW)(30-day trial) and Oracle Virtual Box(Supported)(VB)(FREE & Open Source)

for a Intel 32bits CPU running on Windows Platform

(Quick Setup: Supposedly you have installed either one of them)

(If not download them here)

VMware Player

VMware Workstation

Please watch this video for a tutorial of downloading and installing VMWare Workstation:

Oracle Virtual Box (VirtualBox 4.1.8 for Windows hosts x86/amd64)

VMware Player

1. Open VMPand click Create a New Virtual Machine and you will see New Virtual Machine Wizard.

2. Select Installer disc image file(iso)(If you have downloaded Windows 8 Developer Preview on your computer)


Select Installer disc (If you have already burned the iso into a disc)

3. Click Next, on the next page, Select Microsoft Windows as the OS and Windows 7 as the Version (SinceVMware Player doesn’t officially support Windows 8. Therefore you need to select Windows 7)

4. Click Next and Enter desired information about yourself for the next two pages.

5. To the Specify Disk Capacity, you can adjust the size for Windows 8 (Recommend to set at least 20GB) and select the below option on your preference.

6. Next, Customize your Hardware, Memory should be the main adjustment.

7. After that, you may power on the VM!

VMware Workstation

1. Open VMW and on the home page,click Create a New Virtual Machine and you will see New Virtual Machine Wizard. Select Typical for fast setup.

2. Step as the same as VMware Player.

3. Power On!

Oracle Virtual Box

1. Open VB and Click New and then Next

2. Type the Name you want, and select Microsoft Windows as the OS, Windows 7 or Windows 8(If it has) as the Version

3. Click Next, and allocate the Memory for your VM (1GB is recommended)

4. Click Next, Use the default is OK, click Next

5. On this Page, Select VDI and click Next

6. On this Page, Select what you like (Dynamic or Fixed)

7. Next, give the name and set the disk capacity, as I have mentioned, 20GB is good enough.

8.On to the Summary Page, make sure everything is OK, click next and you may need to wait for the virtual disk to create.

9. Power On! (After Virtual Disk creation completed)

If you are looking for Picture reference, I have found a few website for this 3 methods.




I hope this could help.


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I don’t know how to configure my VM


For you to be able to configure a virtual machine, you will need to first of all install the free VMware Player.

Another important thing that you should have is the installation media that will be used for the operating system you want to install the virtual machine to.

Once you have that, you can install the operating systems that you want  in VMware Player, which can include the following:

  • Any Microsoft operating system
  • Linux distributions.
  • Any version of Novell Netware, many others.

It will also be possible for you to run live CDs for instance the Knoppix inside a virtual machine, and that will be an appropriate way if you want to test new stuff, and also keep your computer safe at the same time.

Keegan Robb


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