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I always want to use Chrome in incognito mode.  I do not want to open Chrome, and then turn into incognito mode. I want it in incognito mode by default,  as soon as I launch Chrome.


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Hi there!

You can do it by following the steps below:

  • On the menu click on Plate cut off ;
  • Select Properties ;
  • Select the Route Tab;
  • Go to the train campaign,  then go to the end of the cut off ;
  • Identify in-> -- incognito (this should be after the ")
  • Now,  every time  you use the altered cut off, Plate module will move in 'incognito" mode.

You wanted to permanently withdraw incognito style right ? You can withdraw the "incognito" from the Plate road.  Not with standing, if you are referring to a new pattern pane, then pressing CTRL-N on your keyboard will do the trick.

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If you'd like to permanently open Chrome in incognito mode, you can just edit the information of the shortcut that opens Google Chrome. This would allow you to automatically switch to private browsing as soon as you open Google Chrome.

To do this, right click on the Google Chrome shortcut. Choose Properties. This would give you a few tabs under the Properties dialog box. Go to Shortcut (though this should automatically be selected as soon as you open the Properties box, but just in case it doesn't), then right after the path detailed in the Target: box, add this:

- incognito

Just apply the changes then click Ok and that's it.