What is the reason why I cannot open Excel file?

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Hi there,

I am working in my office about Excel. When I finished the work, I closed the window manually.

Next day when I tried to open the Excel file, it did not open, instead the only showed file is 0 KB.

I used ".xlsx recovery software", but no result was found.

Although when I used recovery software the file size came back, but it did not open.

In these circumstances, what can I do ?

Please solve my problem.

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What is the reason why I cannot open Excel file?


You are not doing your own precautionary measures while you are doing your job.

You are being careless with your work. Always make it a habit of doing back-ups in all of the documents you are handling.

All the documents that are created in the computer are still in its raw form and not yet a hard copy. It is still in the data form and can easily be deleted, that’s why you should be careful in handling it.

Anyway, you can try if Microsoft Excel can still fix the file. It has an option of opening and repairing a corrupted file. But still it’s no guarantee that it can be fixed and recovered.

  • Launch Microsoft Excel.
  • Use the Office Button found at the left-most corner of the screen to manually open the file or just press CTRL + O from the keyboard.
  • In the Open dialog box choose the Excel file you want to fix and then click the down arrow beside Open button to open the dropdown list. Choose Open and Repair.
  • The image below is the next dialog box after choosing the Open and Repair option. Since you are not sure of the status and integrity of the file, try clicking the Repair and Extract Data buttons one at a time and see each result.

If you are still unsuccessful in repairing and recovering the file, try visiting this site: Excel File Repair

You can download the Demo version of the software there.

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What is the reason why I cannot open Excel file?


There may be a virus in your computer, that is interrupting.

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