I am just confuse with what I knew.

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Does it really harmful for any computer which can bring virus?

How could any owner of a PC could prevent to the said virus whenever they want to use the LimeWire?

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I am just confuse with what I knew.


Hello Leyhbaulo,

Actually you can get viruses from browsing random sites that are not commonly visited by people which may viruses spreading there, downloading movies, copying files from USB without proper scanning, USB port from iPhone and software applications that may download music, movies, games and etc.

Most of the time you get them from downloading like LimeWire as you have mentioned above. Be sure when downloading files you are not visiting the wrong site which is not unfamiliar with you. Once that site you have downloaded with a viruses, that viruses will be moving towards your files as you download a specific file and then without notice or anything you don't have antivirus updated then your PC wouldn't be invulnerable from attacks.

Be sure after downloading files or ever you are running an applications make your antivirus up to date and can get known the latest viruses. Still you can download and use the LimeWire with the safety methods i give.


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I am just confuse with what I knew.


There is no more LimeWire. Here is a little fact about the service or the program. LimeWire is a P2P or Peer-to-Peer file sharing client program that can run on Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and other operating systems supported by the Java platform and is available as a freeware version and a purchasable “enhanced” version. It uses the BitTorrent protocol including the gnutella network.

The BitTorrent support is provided by libtorrent. United States federal court judge Kimba Wood released an injunction on October 26, 2010 forcing LimeWire to stop “the searching, downloading, uploading, file trading and/or file distribution functionality, and/or all functionality” of its app in Arista Records LLC v. Lime Group LLC.

In January 2011, the trial was scheduled to begin for the investigation of the necessary damages to compensate the affected record labels. As a result of the injunction, LimeWire discontinued the distribution of their LimeWire software and versions 5.5.11 and later have been disabled by means of a backdoor installed by the company.

Yet, versions 5.5.10 and earlier continue to function and cannot be disabled unless a user upgrades to one of the newer versions. The LimeWire client program was brought to life by the creator of WireShare which is formerly known as LimeWire Pirate Edition. Because LimeWire is a p2p program, it is very possible to acquire virus and get your computer infected.

To protect your computer against computer viruses, make sure your computer has an antivirus running so every file you downloaded can be scanned for infection. To protect your computer, you can use one of the following security programs:

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