Wifi Connection Issues on Acer Aspire Laptop

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Recently I bought a new Acer Aspire laptop which is running on XP operating system. Everything is fine except the WiFi connection. The operating system couldn’t identify the wireless connection. Eventually it gets connection when I start the machine. But drops after sometime and when I try to connect there are a pop up message appears saying that more then one wireless connections are available and I have to connect with my router manually. But the link was ok with my previous Acer laptop.

I am not a technical person and have no clear idea on this issue. So I need help from a networking expert.

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Wifi Connection Issues on Acer Aspire Laptop



I have read the issue that you have with your wireless connection. As you mentioned, you’re able to access the internet after the computer rebooted and then the connection will drop, in this case the issue can be the Linksys router that you’re using or the wireless signal the Linksys is giving out to your computer. Here are the things that you need to check and do to isolate the issue:

  1. Check the signal of the wireless; you can see it at the lower right corner of the screen, near the time of the computer.
  2. If the signal shows excellent, there might be intermittent connection with your internet that’s why it’s dropping out.
  3. If the signal is poor that means that the wireless router needs to be restarted first together with the modem that you’re using and if after the restart you’re still having the same issue, we need to configured the router and have the channel change for the computer to detect it. Here are the steps on how to access the router

    • Click the start button
    • Click RUN
    • On the run bar type in: cmd
    • Hit Enter
    • A black screen will load up, and then you will see a blinking cursor
    • On the blinking cursor, type in: ipconfig and the hit enter
    • Look for the gateway ip address and then write it down
    • Open internet explorer
    • On the address bar, type the gateway ip address that we wrote down (if you can’t access the router’s page, connect your computer directly to the router using an Ethernet cable)
    • Then Hit Enter
    • You will see the homepage of the router that you’re using
    • Look for the wireless setup and change the channel to either 6, 9 or 11
    • Click Apply
    • Try reconnecting to the wireless network again and check if you’re still having the same issue

If you’re still having issues try resetting the wireless router and configure its wireless again. If the problem is still not resolved have the wireless card on the computer be checked.

We can also check if the wireless is the issue by observing your connection by using an Ethernet cable connected directly from the wireless router going to the computer. If the connection works fine with the wired connection that means that the wireless is the one having issues and that you just need to follow the steps to configure the router that you’re using.

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Wifi Connection Issues on Acer Aspire Laptop


 Their looks like you are using two wireless connections or want to use them so here you have to set your IP address for both. How it will be; I will tell you here. Just follow these steps:

First setup your router device for any configuration it requires and now you have to set your IP so here it is; go to MY NETWORK PLACES and go to VIEW NETWORK CONNECTION now select your connection on which you are using your network if you have two then click on one that you want to set now go to its properties and select TCP/IP here see if your IP is set earlier then leave it. But if it is not selected then select it manually set as your IP and same for all other options.

This IP is used for locally connect in any local area network.

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