Http error 500: Microsoft IIS Web Server

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I'm a Linux user completely new in IIS Web Server. I am administering Moodle using IIS 7, and I'm completely new in the subject. I have a problem with my website.

The details of the error are:

Http Error 500.0 Internal Server Error

Detail information:

Module: FastCgiModule

Notification: Executive Request Handler

Handler: PhP_via_FastCGI

Errorcode: 0X00000000

Logon Method: Anonymousg

Logon User: Anonymous



Can you tell me what the problem is and how I can solve it?

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Http error 500: Microsoft IIS Web Server


The HTTP 500 error code means that something is wrong on the web site’s server however, it could not be specified. It is possible that the IIS received the request but an internal error occurred during the time of the request. To have this matter resolve:

  • Try reloading or refreshing the web page
  • Try accessing the page at a later time
  • Make sure that the NTFS permission for the web.config file is correct
  • Check the even logs for any additional information that was logged
  • Verify the permissions for the DLL
  • Install the .NET Extensibility feature
  • Contact the creator or the webmaster through WHOIS searchusing the domain name

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