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I have a HTC G1 mobile. It is a nice phone with all features  but I face some problem in handling. The main problem is about call summary.  In any other phones when I end the call the phone shows the call summery, where I can see how long I have talked in this call. But in HTC G1 when I cut my call, after ending It does not show summery of call duration. Even it does not make any notification sound when my line is disconnected. How can I solve this problem?

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Hello Mustaf

HTC G1 is an android phone. so an android phone should show the call duration when you press the end call button. 

The sequence is when you tap end call button : 

it will show the duration > then it will say, "Call Ended"

If it doesn't then I will suggest you to download "call timer pro free" on your phone and it will solve the problem.

And about enabling the notification sound on your phone:

Go to settings> Call settings> All calls> Call status tones > and tap and Mark on "Call end tone"

I hope, you will now be able to solve your problems