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Author: Levi Jame
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Hi there everyone! Need a concise explanation regarding this matter.

I use HP computer with a Windows Vista Premium operating system. 

The system prompted a screen HP updates and what I did was I clicked the Update button and after a few minutes the screen popped-up an error message:

HP Update

Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for this update.

Update has been cancelled. (9998)

As the other previous updates I did went well but this time an error appeared and can’t understand the prompted error. Maybe you can explain and give the idea why the problem occurs in HP updates. Do i have to do something about it?

What are the steps in order to do that?

Help thank you.


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Hi Levi Jame,

  1. Check the Update's installation requirement. It could be a certain hardware or software. If there's a requirement missing on your system, you cannot install the update and it will give you the error you presented. Provide the missing requirement and reinstall your Update. To check compatibility of the requirements on your computer do the following:
  2. Go to Start - Computer (or "My Computer") - Right Click to it and select Properties.
  3. A folder of your computer's list of hardware and software will appear. Match it to the requirements of the Update that you are trying to install.
  4. Check also if the Update you are trying to install is already on your computer. It could be a same software or a newer version. If you want a fresh installation, remove the existing and reinstall it.
Good Luck to you Levi!

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See for your system resources for your program you want to update and then install your program. Look that what program is asking for update and what is its type. Most of program needs updates for window components or may be you require to update your direct x or any other window program. Once you find the program which is asking for update then you can check that what kind of update it require and how this problem can be solved, what are the system requirements and what you can do with the program. Also look for any virus in your system or any window update you need to install, If your computer is infected with some virus then you need to first remove the virus an then it will run perfectly.

Karen cruise.