HP Touch smart tx2 1120 boots but no screen display

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I have a HP Touch smart tx2 1120 that runs on vista 32 and has a big problem. When you attempt to boot it everything seems well as all lights come on, including both the caps lock and number lock but in the screen nothing is displayed. I have been unable to figure out why this is happening. I don’t think that my laptops oldness (it is almost three years old) is to blame for this. Someone please assist.

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HP Touch smart tx2 1120 boots but no screen display


The reason as to why the laptop is not displaying the screen may be because of several reasons, some which are as follows:

  • The cables connecting the motherboard and the monitor may be loose or disconnected. To troubleshoot that you will need to open the laptop.
  • You will need to make sure that the laptop is connected to a power source and then try turning it on again. Its battery may be dead and therefore it is powering on for a while and the going off.
  • You will need to try pressing the ctrl+alt+del keys on the keyboard and see if it will bring the task manager. In case it does, log off and then log on to the computer again and see if it works.

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