HP iPAQ hx2790 Battery Issue

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I am using an HP iPAQ hx2790 for more than a year now. I am having a battery drain issue.

When I changed the battery with a new one, the same problem still occurs.

I even tried a server fix but the battery will just run for one to two hours and then it will turn itself off.

What do I need to fix this?

Please help me.


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HP iPAQ hx2790 Battery Issue

Like Dell x51 series, several HP Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs e.g. HP iPAQ 2790, 2490 and 2190 use similar hardware, therefore operating system and flash memory could be compatible with their previous models. 
The original hx2000 series model are very expensive because target market of this series is corporate. Compared to hx2000 series, the price for these new Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs is more reasonable.
Please be recommended that there are some other pocket PCs on market which have dual wireless, durables designs, excellent displays, and great performance.
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HP iPAQ hx2790 Battery Issue


You are saying that you changed your laptop battery but you are still having the battery drain issue? Well, did you check how many hours the battery that you replaced with is supposed to last when it is fully charged?

Because the issue here could be that you bought a battery that can only last for the period of time that you have mentioned. Otherwise the battery itself might be problematic, it may not be of good quality or just messed up in some way and therefore you will need to contact the vendor whom you bought the battery from and demand for a replacement.

In case the battery is just fine, and that you can verify by testing from another computer to find out how long it will last when fully charged, then the problem may be with the computer itself. The power supply may be having problems and therefore consuming a tremendous amount of heat, and thus it may need to be replaced or repaired.

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