HP Deskjet F300 All in One Printer has an error

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While I was in a middle of printing 30 pages of documents, my printer suddenly stops printing and there is no error showing on the screen. This printer has a built in scanner and copier.

After clicking the print tab on Microsoft word 2007, I can see the printer icon in my system tray at the bottom of my desktop, if I click the icon, the printer box will open showing me the status of what I am printing, like if it's already printing or Canceled.

I waited for about one minute to make it work, but the icon stays in my system tray, and the status field is blank.

So what I did is to push the Off button on my HP Printer and cancelled the document I am printing. Then restart my computer and repeat the same steps, At first, the document will print then stops. If I hit the print tab in ms-word, it will add to my system tray. And the status is blank, no matter how many times I hit the print tab.

I am using HP Deskjet Printer All in One (It has a printer with a combination of scanner and copier).

My Operating System is Windows Vista Service Pack 2

I tried printing large volumes of documents before and I never had any problems.

What is the possible cause of this?

Did I accidentally change something on my printer setup?

Please let me know.

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HP Deskjet F300 All in One Printer has an error


Printer suddenly Stop In the Middle of Printing:

I have encountered this issue before. While on printing the printer suddenly stops but that time I am viewing the printing status which window is on the top of my screen. I suspected that the printer Ink was already emptied. But before doing something inside and outside the printer I tried to investigate first what was happen. Here’s what I found:
The printer finished printing the whole page before it was stopped.
No indications of errors in the printer. All lights are normal. No empty cartridge indicator. When your cartridge is empty you will find a light blinking on the led in the control panel of the printer. Some other brand is just a red light and the printer head moves on the opening of the printer head if empty.
On the desktop of my computer I haven’t found any notifications that my printer’s cartridge is empty or even indicating that there is an error on the printer or error communicating the printer or the document cannot be printed. Everything is normal.
On the list of printing job, I still have there the document I am printing. Not paused and still in the queue with indications that the document was printing.
I check the cables on the back of the CPU or the central processing unit, all are intact and power is coming in on the printer correctly.
I have an extra cable in my tool box which is not yet used, still on the plastic package. I replaced booth the USB cable and the power cable of the printer. Cancel the printing job on my computer and make another print job. The no response on the printer. No error found. No warning message. Everything is fine and on the status of my printing job, the document was sending on the printer.

A couple of week passed, I haven’t solved my printer’s problem. That time, I need a printer so badly. I need to print a Resume to be sent to my friend which is employed into a private company in Qatar.

What I did is I borrow a printer to one of my friend and installed it in my computer. The printer works fine using the cable I disconnected from my printer. Meaning everything in my system is fine except on printer hardware.

So I decided to bring my printer to my friend’s computer at home. I install my printer to his computer and of course the driver. I tried to print on there… BINGO! The printer works fine. Then I go back home so happy and connected my printer while whistling.

But suddenly when I tried to print a document, the printer doesn’t respond and no errors prompting. So bad, I tried to reinstall my driver and after un-installing the old driver and reinstalling the driver I printed the test print and works fine. I tried to print a document happily printed the document.

Is that my printer’s driver is the problem? No! It was me. How do I found it? That thing happened to me once again and I found-out that the status of my printer is Off-Line. Weird, is that right?

Here’s how to make your printer Online:
Click Start/Printers and Faxes.
Right click the icon correspond your printers name and on the menu select Use Printer Online.

Hope this help and we’re the same experience.

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HP Deskjet F300 All in One Printer has an error


I followed the troubleshooting you did to your printer, I uninstall then re-install the driver again and checked on the status of the printer.

Now, it's working perfectly fine.

Thanks man!

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