Printing is not start in the proper way.

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I have Samsung 3471nd printer. When I command for printing a multiple pages word document then the first page print out as a blank page. Then the print is started in proper way (From first page). I want to stop the problem. Please write me the process.

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Printing is not start in the proper way.


Please try this and see if it works for your Samsung 3471nd printer. Open printer and fax, I am not sure which system you are using so if it is Windows XP click the start button the n click on printers and faxes, if it is a Windows Vista then click the starting icon then go to click the control panel then double click on printers and faxes. If you are using Windows 2000 then click start then click on the control panel then double click on the printers and faxes. After that step right click your product the click on properties then click on the advanced tab click on the separator's page. In the separator's page's dialog box delete all the templates listing in the box then click ok. This if applied well will help you sort your problem and fix it.

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Printing is not start in the proper way.


Hello Mahinur,

With this problem you have with Samsung 3471ND printer may we know first what’s the last task was before the problem came out? How old is the printer used? The total prints produced?

We have two options here to isolate the said problem in software and hardware side.

Software side: Try to move or installed the printer in other PC with different operating system so we may check if the emulation of Samsung 3471ND printer works well. You may also re-install the printer driver in your PC and be sure those drivers used are running well with no debugs on it. Check the version 32 bit and 64bit

Hardware side: Samsung 3471ND printer hardware problem may be difficult to isolate for non service engineer. We highly recommend you to repair printer through an exclusive repair shop. Possible problem of these are feeding section which has dirt, engine board firmware and clutches or what we called solenoid because there is a delay each time you print the first task.


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Printing is not start in the proper way.


Hi Mahinur,

You have to ensure that you set the number of pages to two or whichever you want per page in the properties during printing.

When you click file then print, or simply press control p, a dialog box comes up and in there you will see 'properties'. Click on it, in the next dialog box that comes up click on finishing, then set the number of sheets per page to the ones you want.

If you want to produce two sheets per page specify, if you need four sheets per page do that too.

But going beyond four sheets per page will produce quite smaller fonts that you may not be able to read.

Hope this helps.



Lee Hung.

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