How will I know if computer is already overload?

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How will I know if the computer is already overloaded?

I have an Intel Celeron with 80GB hard drive, 512 RAM, 256 video card, and Windows XP operating system. I would like to ask how will I know if my computer is already overloaded. Sometimes, when I used it by just surfing in the Internet, it moved very fast but when I was already playing, I noticed that it ran slowly and  "LAG" or it paused  for a second.

Is it overloaded already or not? Is there a way to know if it is just really a  lag? Please help.

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How will I know if computer is already overload?


Hello Josephinelyn!

When the internet connection works well, it means that the computer is not overloaded. But still, you may check it out by doing this – click right button on my computer and select manage. From there, you select the disk management. You will see a table about the total hard disk capacity and the percentage of free space.

While playing games, the overall performance maybe degraded. One thing that you can do is to go to Start , then select all programs such as: accessories> system tools and Disk defragmenter. From there, you can defragment your hard drives. This could increase the overall performance of your PC.


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How will I know if computer is already overload?


Hello Josephinelyn,

You didn't include what you are trying to play. Is it an online game, a browser based or a video game with heavy graphics?

Anyway, let me discuss about system requirements. Every application ranging from typing, browsing the internet up to gaming has their own system requirements. There are two kinds of system requirements. First, is the minimum system requirements and second, is the recommended system requirements. The system requirements will include these areas: the CPU, RAM, disk space, video card, sound, and internet connection speed.

If your PC meets the minimum system requirements then, you would experience these "LAG" problem more frequently. How much more if it is below the minimum? If it is in line with the recommended requirements, it does not mean that everything is perfect. However, you can only experience those what we call "LAG" when there are lots of players online especially on games or during peak hours or when dealing with games where there are scenes with too much effects and lighting.

Your system will overload if you forced to run it on applications such as games that are beyond the capacity of your machine.

Hope this one helps you solve your problem.

Good Luck!

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