How to use the Zip wizard Ubuntu

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I am new to the Ubuntu Linux operating system and would like some help in relation to extracting and unzipping files. Please provide some details on how to use the Zip Wizard Ubuntu. Or  should I install an outside software (Zip wizard) to deal with ZIP files?



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How to use the Zip wizard Ubuntu


Hello Bryant.

You should download and install a zip wizard software. This will help you to deal with ZIP files. As you are a new user, I would suggest you to use Coffee Cup Zip Wizard.


This is very easy to use. Using this you can create a zip file, uncompressed zip files and create a complete archive of zip files. It can automatically decompress the files. You can upload your archived files anywhere. You can also search zip files in your computer using this. This is a free software. You can download this from

If you don't like this, you can also use Unzip Wizard. This is also a handy software for this operation. But it does not zip files of any format. So it is better to use Coffee Cup zip wizard.

Thank you for your question.

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How to use the Zip wizard Ubuntu


ZIP utility allows you to create a Zip file on one operating system and open it with another operating system.  This is useful in transferring files from one PC to another.  Ubuntu Linux has two ways of opening Zip files:  with a graphical utility and from the command line.

Through Archive Manager:

  • First, double-click on the Zip file.  It will open the Archive Manager utility.
  • Next, click “Extract” located at the top of the screen.
  • Select the location for the extracted files.
  • Last, click the second “Extract” button to extract the files into the location you have selected previously.

Through the Command Line:

  • Open the terminal window, which is found under the "Accessories" section of the “Application” menu.
  • Then type the command “cd” to move the directory where the Zip file is saved.  Afterwards, replace “” with the correct directory name.
  • Type in the command “” to extract the files into the present directory.  Again, replace “” with the correct file name.
  • Next, type the command “ls –la” to view the extracted files.
  • Finally, type the command “exit” to close the terminal window.


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How to use the Zip wizard Ubuntu



There are different methods to unzip the files on Ubuntu. I'll just mention a few

1. You can simply type unzip in the terminal, if it is in the default folder. Else, type unzip -d destination_folder_name

2. You can install a software from the software center. For example, go to the software center, and install Unarchiver. After installation you can use it to extract any files bundled in .zip file.

3. Simply right click on the file and select the option to extract. You can specify the location, if you need the files in a particular folder.

Hope this helps.



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