How to use WINS for name resolution

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Please explain why I cannot use WINS for name resolution. I can use WINS in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. In DNS, what does the domain controller register?

Will it resolve names such as on the internet if I eliminate the ISP’s DNS server settings from the domain controller? 

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How to use WINS for name resolution


Hi Jhapan02,

WINS and DNS are both naming resolution services for our TCP/IP network. WINS resolves name on the NetBIOS namespace while DNS resolves names on the domain namespace. WINS usually supports clients that run on older Windows version and those applications which uses NetBIOS.

It could not be used solely for name resolution as new Windows version are not using WINS and uses DNS instead. WINS and DNS can both be used however on name resolutions as there are some computers that runs both NetBIOS names and domain names.

DNS registers service records from the domain controllers. Those allow servers to be located with the use of service types and protocol.


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