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How to use vlookup? Two databases I need to merge have an account number, which is the common factor between two files. I know that i can use vlookup function in excel, but don't know how.

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It seems to me that you want to combine all the data you have into one master copy using the field "account number, correct?

If so, then create a master database with the field "account number" that you can use as a reference and place it in column A (the first column of the spreadsheet). 

Then use VLOOKUP to refer the database worksheets one at a time. 

After the 1st one, value the data you have found on the master then only use VLOOKUP on the columns that have missing data. 

Repeat this for each worksheet you need to reference.

For more details about how to apply Vlookup function you can have a look at this website.

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Here's a short video I created, that will take you through the steps in using Vlookup.

I have also uploaded the Excel file that I was using in the video tutorial, to help you understand the usage of Vlookup function.

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That was a very helpful file. Yes combination of data between to different file. I want to reflect the data that was given on the other file to link it on the other. I've got your sample now and I was doing the format currently.

Thanks guys.