How can I use Data Validation in Excel 2007?

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I have a file of Microsoft Excel 2000 containing Data Validation work but to get more advantage, I installed Microsoft Excel 2007. So I need to know in what option I have to go to do that work smoothly.

It is very essential for me. Please let me know.

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How can I use Data Validation in Excel 2007?




MS Excel provides a range of built-in functions and formulas ready to use and apply. Data Validation is one of the most useful options for preventing our worksheet from being entered with wrong or undesired data.

In Office 2007, select Data Tab and select Data Tools then select Data Validation option. Here you can define conditions for data to be allowed in a cell.

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How can I use Data Validation in Excel 2007?



I explain this by step by step just follow my steps.

1. Open your MS Excel.

2. Now go to Data Tab and select Data Validation.


3. You see “Allow” from settings tab; here you set what you want, like any value, whole number and etc. For an example I choose here whole number.

4. After select whole number you see some boxes come one of them is Data here you need to select what kind of condition you want like equal, not equal, grater then etc. For an example I selected grater then and I select minimum value is 0. Then click on OK. Note: Before the doing this job, first you need to select a cell, that’s mean where you want to check it.

Now, if I put 0 or text in this cell where I did my job I got an error message. If you want you can change the error message, title and symbol, for changing this just follow my below steps.

1. Go for Validation.

2. Go to error Alert tab.


3. From error alert you can change the symbol from style section, here you see on the right side a Title box and below the title box you see an error message, you can add title and message from here.

If you need more help then watch this video:

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