How to use speak engines portugues in Windows?

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Hello everyone,

I hope you have a great day ahead. I would like to ask how to use speak engines Portuguese in windows operating system. What are the steps needed for this? Also, please include some of the issues that may occur or errors that can be encountered throughout the process. 

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How to use speak engines portugues in Windows?


HI Ryder,

Speech recognition in windows XP provides the user to use sound which is interpreted by the computer.

You can set your desired language during the process of software installation. The procedure is not that complicated but you will to anticipate other problems like background sounds.

There are several tips and steps that guides you in doing all of these by visiting this very useful website.

Hope it answers your problems.

Best of luck!

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How to use speak engines portugues in Windows?


Hello Ryder,

You can use your Speak Engines in Windows with the help of Microsoft Office XP or if you have a new computer that has Office XP installed. You can use it as well as the other program is enabled, like Microsoft Internet Explorer, or the Microsoft Agent. Based on my research here are the steps on how to use the speech engine.- Speak Test – is a text to speech engine that you can use to call in any speech engine but before that it must be compatible with Microsoft Speech Application Programming Interface.

STEP 1 – to open the main menu, just press right click.

STEP 2 – to change the voice, just click voice and you will now choose what voice you want to use.

STEP 3 – to change the speak time and rate, click the repeat time and rate. And now you know the basic steps how to use this you will now explore more about your speak engine.

Hope I help you.

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