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Author: Avinash
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I have a desktop with a 3GHz dual core CPU and ATI 5850 Radeon GPU, and also another desktop with 2.7GHz CPU and ATI 6670 Radeon GPU.

The thing is that I want to use the resources of these two computers together and simultaneously.
I want to play games and do rendering, etc, using the combined computing power of these desktops.
The 3GHz CPU and 5850 GPU computer would be the host.   

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Hi Avinash,
I guess your computer knowledge is a bit weak. However you are a good thinker. 
Well linking two computers in order to contribute in commuting or processing as one is called as "Grid Commuting or Cluster Computing". 
And this phenomenon is realized by High tech machines. I'm sorry to tell you that you cannot link your PCs to work as a one more faster PC. 
Cluster computing is done in a sophisticated much more complex environments where computers under one Domain controller contribute together under an umbrella of Cluster Combiner.
James Hoffman

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Hi there user:

You can connect your two (2) computers together, that wasn’t a problem. But I want to know how or why you want it to.

Is it just to play games?

Or just to speed-up with two (2) combined units? 

If it’s only for games I can say it’ll be so easy. 

Like for an instance, if you want to play NBA game with your two (2) computers, one is yours and the other one is to your fellow friend as your opponent. 

You’ll play via IP Address or by series of computers.

But trying two (2) computers combined to speed-up its feature isn’t punctuated ‘yes’ so far.

Thanks for posting your query.

Best regards,

Edmund Joseph

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Hello Avinash,

There is a possibility that it could work, however, given the PC specs that you have, it is definitely not possible. The fact that your PCs can process only one video capability at a time, this means that you cannot combine this resources into one so as to get a more higher specs or speedy processing.

You can use them both simultaneously but separately in a network based gaming mode. However, the most suitable way to have your PCs do a better rendering job and to improve its ability to adopt games that require higher specs is to upgrade them.