How to unlock a Word Document.

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How do you unlock a document in Microsoft Word I tried doing what it said in the Help feature but had no luck. Everything is greyed out so i'm not able to click on anything.I need a solution as my work is stuck without this document.

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How to unlock a Word Document.


If the doc file is password protected, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the Locked doc file and you will be asked to enter the password.

2. Click on File menu and then Save As… And then select Tools on top of the Save As window.

3. Select Security Options and then delete the password on the Password to Open option and Password to Modify boxes. Click OK to exit.

4. Click on Save to save the doc file again. It will be unlocked by this time. 

To unlock subdocuments:

5. Launch the master document and then select View and Outline under the toolbar. The toolbar for Outlining will be visible.

6. Click Expand Subdocuments button under the Outlining toolbar.

Select the Lock Document button on the subdocument file to unlock it.

To unlock a field:

7. Launch the doc file and then place the cursor on the field that you will need to unlock.

8. Press the Ctrl+Shift+F11 on your keyboard.


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How to unlock a Word Document.





Regarding on your query, it seems that it has protection for editing restriction. You did not mention what version of your Word is, but anyway, you can try the my procedures for both 2007 and 2003 version.

If you are using 2003 version of Word here is how you do it. First, find the “protect document” pane and choose “stop protection”. Take note that in order to complete this procedure, you must know your password.

If you are using 2007 version of Word, it is almost the same on 2003 version. First thing to do is find “Protect document” pane then  choose “unrestricted access”. Same in 2003 version, you must also know your password here.

I am pleased to help you on your problem

Thank you




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How to unlock a Word Document.


ahh.. I see.. got it! That was really a great help Teodora.. Problem solved with this.. Keep it up!! I was afraid I couldn't open my files anymore. so glad got this post…

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