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i want to change some things into my Unix base network security system can anyone tell me how Security features work into the Unix/Linux security protocols.

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Among the most crucial protection features applied nowadays are passwords. It's significant for both you and all your exploiters to have assure, unguessable passwords. Most of the more recent Linux dispersions include passwd plans that don't admit you to adjust a easily guessable countersign. Be sure your passwd plan is latest and has these boasts. Use the useradd / usermod dictations to make and sustain exploiter accounts. Be sure you've a beneficial and heavy password policy. For example, a beneficial password admits at least eight parts long and admixture of alphabets, number, particular case, superior & glower alphabets etc. Most crucial beak a password you are able to remember. Apply tools such "John the ripper" to ascertain out debile users passwords on your host. So to apply the password insurance.