How to uninstall windows server 2003?

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Hi! I need some help with my computer. I used to run Windows XP on my computer but since I had to do some software testing for the company I am working for, I had to uninstall it so I could install Windows Server 2003.

Now, I need to reinstall Windows XP in my computer but the only way I could do that is for me to uninstall Windows Server 2003. The problem is I could not find the Uninstall option anywhere.

I tried formatting the C: drive but I got an error message saying “Access denied.” I also tried inserting the installer disc on the CD drive but during setup, it would come to a point where it doesn’t detect any supported products for upgrades.

If you know how to figure this out, please let me know. I would appreciate any form of help.

Thank you.

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How to uninstall windows server 2003?


Hello Nicole,

I will suggest that you the Windows Server 2003 by doing a clean installation of the windows XP. Do not upgrade. When you upgrade that is when the problem rises. And since it is Windows Server 2003 that is on the computer, I do not think upgrade is an option because  what you want to install is windows XP which is not an upgrade of Windows Server 2003. You can only upgrade Windows Server 2003 to other windows servers of higher versions like Windows Server 2008.

So just insert the XP installation on the computer and restart the computer. Choose to boot from the CD for the installation to start, and then make sure you choose a custom installation and not an upgrade. Format completely the primary hard drive to remove Windows Server 2003 and its contents.


Lee Hung

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