How to transfer word dictionary from 2003 to 2010?

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Using add to dictionary option in MS Word 2003, I keep adding new words, which are red underlined in my word documents. I have installed MS Word 2010 and noticed while typing documents that most of the words, which I added do not get picked automatically by MS Word 2010, in fact those words are missing from MS Word 2010 dictionary. I want to transfer my word dictionary from 2003 to 2010. Suggest me the best possible solution of how doing this?

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How to transfer word dictionary from 2003 to 2010?




If you didn't back up your C:Users{username} files before installing MS Word 2010 then changes are that you lost your custom-made dictionary files you had with 2003 as erased by 2010. If the backup was taken, then it is possible to recover the custom-made entries you made when you used Word 2003.

In either case, please know that the location for files that hold the dictionary entries you make is


A file containing such entries may have a name something like custom.dic. Most probably there is just one file. My PC has one file. Please check on yours.

You can run a very simple test by adding a new word on 2010, then visiting the location mentioned above, and opening the file(s) to verify the entry is there.

So, if you happen to have backup file available before installing 2010, then simply replace with it the file that is in


Otherwise, you just have to manually add all entries. 

Hope it helps.

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