How to trace bot control center to protect computer?

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Hi to all. As bot is considered a malicious that invades systems and can remotely control as well as cause the Daniel attacks seriously. What happens if anti-virus could not stop bot control center and is there any way to confirm whether my computer is affected by bot and not being targeted? Any guidance please.

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How to trace bot control center to protect computer?


Hello Down,

If you have doubts that your computer has been affected by malware there are several ways of dealing with it. You can download a malware removal tool,

If you know when your computer was affected you may perform a  system restore to an earlier date. Please provide me with what operating system you have so I can guide you accordingly.

You may also backup important files and reformat your computer.


Luz M Terry

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How to trace bot control center to protect computer?


“Bot” is the short term for “robot.” It is a program that operates as an agent or means for another program or user to simulate a human activity. The most ubiquitous bots on the internet are the “spiders” or “crawlers.” They are programs that access websites and collect their content to be used by search engines as indexes.

Now, there are good and bad types of bots on the internet. The bad types are the ones that belong to a botnet. A botnet is a gathering of internet-connected devices which includes computers, servers, mobile devices, and internet of things devices that are infected and controlled by a common type of malware. Infected devices are controlled remotely by threat actors which are usually cybercriminals.

They used the devices for particular functions so that the malicious operations remain hidden to the user. If your computer is infected by a malicious bot and your antivirus cannot remove it, your machine will become part of the botnet and will have its purpose. If you suspect that your computer is infected, download Sophos Virus Removal Tool.

It is best used on computers that are already infected with a virus. Once it is installed, start scanning your computer. When a virus is detected, remove it then repeat the scan until it no longer detects a virus.

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