How to stop background process in iPHONE 3G ?

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I have some major issues with iPhone 3G battery power. It drains so quickly and I believe it is because of the background process, that is happening in the iPhone 3g. I know that when I press "Home" button twice, I can see applications running in the background on the iPhone 3GS but I can't see it on iPhone 3G.

So is there anyway to solve this problem ?

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How to stop background process in iPHONE 3G ?


I experienced the same problem the way you are and I have no doubt about it especially for iPhone 3 user.

Here are the steps that will help solve your problem.

You have to reboot your phone. Hold on the sleep button till it turns red and you will see {Slide to power off} the arrow appears. And take note, If your iPhone is freezing, you have to keep the home button together, to force to quit all applications & discharge the red arrow. Afterwards, just swipe and let your iPhone turn off and please wait for seconds and keep the sleep button one more time to turn on your iPhone.

And just for your information, rebooting is one of the three escalating periods, to fix your battery problems with iPhone.

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How to stop background process in iPHONE 3G ?


The reason why you cannot use the Home button to turn off background processes in the iPhone 3G is because it does not support multitasking, and therefore you will need to  "turn the applications off" individually.

But to be clear, are you trying to quit applications so that you can be able to regain the battery life or you are doing it so as quicken the iPhone's performance? In case your interest for that activity has to do with performance issues, then the best way to do that will be by updating the iPhone from earlier versions of iOS like 4.0, and then upgrade to the later version like 4.2.1. You can do that by plugging the iPhone into your Mac o you PC and then selecting "Update" from the in the iPhone's "Summary" tab in iTunes.

-Clair Charles


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How to stop background process in iPHONE 3G ?


Hello Zinthiya John,

Well to void battery drain quickly. You must follow the following tips:

1. Connect to WiFi instead of A SIMS data plan.

2. Turn off Bluetooth when you are not using.

3. Close applications that you are not using.

4. Minimize unnecessary activities like continuous playing for several straight hours.

I hope this will help you.

Thank you.



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