Is iPhone 6’s Bluetooth worth any work?

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I have Apple iPhone 6. While I was using it, I tried to send music to my iPad and also to my Nexus 5 but the connection was unsuccessful everytime. So, I doubted, does Bluetooth in iPhones make any sense because there is no way we can use it for sharing of data. Or could I use it for some purpose? Suggestions?

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Is iPhone 6’s Bluetooth worth any work?


It depends on the Bluetooth version on each device. I noticed the same problem with my sister’s phones, a Nokia N70 and a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Both mobile phones have Bluetooth technology but none can send a picture to each other. Before a file can be sent via Bluetooth, both devices need to be paired first.

If both devices can’t be paired meaning they can’t see each other then you can’t send a file. I guess if the Bluetooth version on the other phone is very old and the other handset uses the latest Bluetooth technology, you may have a hard time sharing files unless both devices can find each other.

I checked the Bluetooth version on iPhone 6 and the Nexus 5 and I’m wondering why you can’t share files. The LG Nexus 5 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 with A2DP support while the Apple iPhone 6 has Bluetooth 4.0 as well with A2DP and LE support. With these versions, you should be able to send and receive files using the Bluetooth technology.

Check the Bluetooth settings again and make sure both devices can be discovered. Set each device to be discovered by all nearby Bluetooth devices so other devices that haven’t been paired with the phone can discover it. Once both devices are paired, you can now begin sharing files.

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