How to setup mainframe for FTPS?

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I only have a few knowledge about FTPS and its difference to FTP and SFTP. I want to set up mainframe for FTPS but I don't know the steps. How can I setup this?

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How to setup mainframe for FTPS?



Dear FTP, SFTP and FTPS are the most common file transfer protocols now a days. FTP and FTPS also called SSL, and SFTP also called SSH. They all perform same functionality but there are some key differences that I am going to discuss.

  1. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol is the fastest way of file transferring between server and client. It is not capable of encryption, so the files are at risk while transferring.
  2. FTPS stands for File Transfer Protocol over SSL is an encrypted type of FTP protocol.
  3. SFTP stands for SSH File Transfer Protocol is a most secured file transfer protocol. It uses SSH for file transferring. It is firewall friendly and more secure than FTPS. 
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How to setup mainframe for FTPS?



I have confirmed about the matter. I am giving some significant solutions regarding this complex trouble.

You could be known that the mainframe computer can convert EBCDI to ASCII .When a ftp client is ready to transfer a file from the mainframe file system, then the system convert that before sending back to the client.

It will be better if the client’s transfer modules can be known. However  the command can be used to implement the ftp.

Before configuring the ftp inform your system administrator.



Shifflett Laurel

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