How to setup domain log in on a network.

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I want to setup a domain log in on my own office network with ten computers.

I want to remotely control or access each of those  computers.

Do I need to turn off the Antivirus software to remotely access the computer? 

I'd like to know also what is the best operating system I can use.

Can I use different Operating System on each computer?

Do I need to use a specific software or hardware to setup domain log in?

Can I access those computers at different locations, like outside the office?

And lastly, do I need high speed Internet do that?

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How to setup domain log in on a network.


Hi Leahnne,

With regards to your post, wanting to control your ten computer in your office. Below are the suggested solutions. I hope this will work.
You need a server, Windows Server 2003 or higher. Configure it for a domain controller promotion (dcpromo). By the way, domain controller feature of Windows Server only to store files, data from client to the server. But of course the client will login to the server, in order to communicate with the server.
You don't need to turn off your Antivirus, in remotely accessing other computer.
As long as the client computer is accessible in a network, the domain controller can communicate.

Your question regarding remotely accessing the client computer outside the office.
Actually there so many software on how to remotely access a computer. One is the Teamviewer, download it for free here, so that you can control the computer remotely.
You can also PC anywhere.


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How to setup domain log in on a network.


This is a networking issue.  You want to setup a network in your office, so consult a network administrator, he/she will give you good ideas for your requirement.

But if you just want to put some computers together, then purchase a router/switch and connect all computers through wires to the device. Now install all of your Windows for file system NTFS, if they are not already in this format.  I hope you will understand what is NTFS.  It is a new technology file system and comes with almost every window. Now you can setup a little home base or office base network through this.

But If you want to use it professionally with better security, reliability, configuration, setup, sharing control, networking control, data control then you must need a server base network to manage.

As you asked, how you can change you computer domain, here it is :

Go to My computer properties and select computer name; here you will see the option of "To rename this computer or join a domain"; you can check this option to your use.

I hope your requirements have been addressed.  So best of luck. About controlling, you can use a McAfee Antivirus to view network activity.

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