How to set the reminder pop-ups in Outlook

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I use Outlook 2007 with all the updates installed and Exchange Server 2003 is also configured. I use to set reminders in Outlook but the reminder windows do not pop-up rather remain behind all the other windows.

The remainder window is highlighted only on the taskbar and this causes me to miss them. Is there a way to solve this issue?


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How to set the reminder pop-ups in Outlook


Humphrey Bryce,

It seems that Microsoft is not offering solutions on the feedback of the users.

The actual design of the outlook 2007 is that the reminders do not INTERRUPT any application, which is currently being used, or in technical terms we can say that the application which has focus.

If a user is typing or creating a document or navigating a website, in such a case the reminder will always FLASH on the task bar, and will be in the background. It will always POPUP in the foreground when the outlook itself is the application being worked on.

Users are complaining just the opposite in outlook 2010. A complete discussion on this issue was sent to Microsoft, via a forum, but you will be surprised that NO response was provided from MS, but it seems that the MS has simply changed this behavior in 2010. (I have ye t not tested this in 2010).

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