How to send SMS from pc via phone?

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Hello experts,

How to send sms from pc via phone? Is there a way to do that? I need a software or application for me to be able to do it or any website that allows such thing. Please give your suggestions.


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How to send SMS from pc via phone?




Yes it is possible to send sms through computer via phone.

I could have given you clear instructions if you had mentioned your mobile name.

However try to download the pc suit of your particular phone from internet and install it on your computer.

Now connect your phone to the system and search for sms sending option in the pc suit.

Thank you.


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How to send SMS from pc via phone?


There are two possible ways to use your pc to send SMS. They are:

  • by connecting phone to pc via USB or Bluetooth
  • Online

As the first system uses your own phone, the receiver of the SMS shall find your number as sender. In this process you shall need an application installed in your pc to connect your phone. Most multimedia mobile phones have a particular software each to be connected to pc. Some other softwares like DesktopSMS etc. can also be used to send SMS via phone. For this:

  • install the particular software
  • connect phone to pc via USB or bluetooth
  • launch the software application
  • go to SMS
  • Write new
  • Write SMS, put destination number and send

that's how it works.


the second one is more easy, but its not certain that the receiver shall recognize the sender number. there are many sites that provide with free SMS to any number. some serves well enough to claim a charge. such sites are not always safe and sure.

some useful links:



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How to send SMS from pc via phone?


Yes Brian there is a way to send sms from PC.

Basically there are some software which are helpful in these type of activities.

The simplest way is that you can connect your cell with PC and then automatically connect the sms via pc from cell (if option is available in cell). Otherwise download software named ‘PC SUIT’. Then install that program and then connect your PC with cell and enjoy it.


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