How to retrieve an image from InDesign?

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In my document I used images which are deleted or unavailable but still present in my document. When packaging the document,Adobe InDesign says links are missing though. I don't understand this, if they're missing (I know they are) then how come they are displayed in the document? Can I somehow possibly retrieve images from that document?

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How to retrieve an image from InDesign?


Hello Ms. Gonzalez,

It is difficult to look for the specific location of a particular file especially if you’re working for a huge project.

It is better and easier to work with the available options with Adobe InDesign to resolve your issue.

1.     Select and object that you want to export.

2.     Select “FILE”, and then go and select “EXPORT.”

3.     Select the preferred location and the filename.

4.     For file types select preferred file type and or better select JPEG (Joint-Pictures-Experts Group).

5.     Choose “SELECTION” to export the currently selected object of file.

6.     Select for “MAXIMUM” to achieve the best output.

7.     Select “BASELINE DISPLAY.”

8.     Select to export “RGB or CMYK or GRAY.”

9.     Select “ANTI-ALIAS” to smoothen the edges of text/letters and bitmap images or other picture.

10.   Check again the exported files or better yet edit with Adobe Photoshop to achieve preferred output.



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