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Computer is closed by many causes, how do we restore windows 2003 in my computer?

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I have a solution for you. This will resolve the problem completely.
If you created a restore point on some date, then, you are able to do a system restore to that point using the utility (assuming it had not been deleted due to low disk space or age). However, system restore cannot restore to any point if you don't have a saved point to restore to - it's not a "smart" utility, and it can't magically go back in time.
If you have a restore point you created, you can restore to it. If you don't have any restore points created, you can't restore the server to a previous time and date.
Another method for restoring the windows is given in detailed, you have to follow this link,
Hope so you got the point.

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It really depends on the cause of the problem. Like for example, if your system got infected by a virus and you are asking if there is a way of restoring it before the time it got infected, in this case, I’m not sure if there is a way of restoring it. With this kind of problem, the best solution is to do a full system scan on the whole machine using your antivirus.

With an infected system, restoring Windows to its previous state is not possible since it works mostly on software installation and other system events. But if the problem is different from a virus infection, its worth to try but it doesn’t guarantee that it will work. In Windows XP, the system can be restored to the previous state by clicking on Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and then System Restore. Try adopting this on your system since you are using Windows 2003.

And also, you can only use the System Restore if there is a Restore Point created. Otherwise, system restoration is not possible.

Sharath Reddy