How to restart, quit frozen application and reset iphone

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Hi friends,

I need to know how to reset, quit frozen apps and reset my iphone.  As I was just listening to music in my iPhone's iPod application, my phone was completely locked up at the end of a tract, with an almost faded out display and worse my iPhone became completely unresponsive.

The display wouldn't accept any of my taps, even external button was ignored.


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How to restart, quit frozen application and reset iphone



here are some tips on how to help you with that.  

On restarting your iPhone, simply hold the Sleep/wake button on the top for a few seconds, to bring up a red slider at the top of the display, which allows you to power off the phone.  

Next, for the Quit frozen application, which is very possible for an Apple's application which would lock up from time to time, simply hold the Home button in the application button for about 6 seconds, to kill the application. You should be able to jump back into the application without restarting the phone itself.

And to reset your iPhone, which is nothing more than a hard reset or a forced reboot;  you're simply cutting the power and making it reboot. To do this, simply hold the sleep/wake up button and Home buttons simultaneously for a few seconds; the display will quickly wipe itself and you should see the black background and the white Apple logo, signifying a reset well done.

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