How to Resolve Media Card Reader Issues?

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Hello there,

I am a mobile/cell phone repairer and I also have to perform tasks like data uploading in mobiles etc (usually). I have installed MS XP service pack three (3) on my office/lab PC and I am having an issue with my media card reader.

The problem I have with my media card reader is that it stops working after a while and than again use to starts working again properly automatically after a minute or so. Mean, my media card reader pauses its functionality (while working) suddenly and than after some time it restarts its motion again (after getting hanged for a while).

This issue is very much time costing and that’s why t is very irritating for me because it develops hurdles in my professional tasks. Whereas, I have tried different things to get out of this problem but none of them worked for me to avoid this issue.

For the solution I checked my PC for USB ports hardware issue but its report is satisfactory and my pc has got no such problem. I also have tried plugging it (card reader) into different ports but the issue is concerning with all. The method of re-installing the USB human interface drivers has also been applied by me but this neither worked.

In the end I would like to share that I have inspected my media card reader for hardware issues but its fine in terms of that and it works properly on other machines.

Well, honestly I have give up now to fix this issue myself and before going to a local computer’s expert shop I would love to get a clue here to fix it.

I really need to learn, how to get rid of media card reader issue in XP?

I am waiting for any suggestion with great curiosity and any clue will be highly thankful from my side.

Hoping and waiting.

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How to Resolve Media Card Reader Issues?


Does your media card reader connect to the USB port directly or through a cable? If it connects through a cable it may be damaged. Replace it with another one and see if the problem continues. Also, it may be a problem in your USB root hub driver. Right click on My Computer icon, select properties. Go to hardware tab and open device manager. From there uninstall all USB root hubs and then restart your computer without the Card Reader connected.

Also, any antivirus/antispyware software you are using can cause any file transfer to pause when it check the data for virus. Try disabling it.

Also, it may be a USB Power related problem. If everything above fails, try getting e PCI USB controller with more power output per port to check if the Card Reader works while connected through that.

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How to Resolve Media Card Reader Issues?


This happens when you disconnect the device from the computer without properly stopping the device and have the computer give you the safely remove the device message. These occur because in the USB bus an error occurs due to this action. Any device using the USB bus won’t be able to work again because the lrbus.sys driver is unable to recover from the error.

Try downloading and installing this hotfix:

To try and avoid such a problem from happening again, you need to stop and remove your USB devices properly. To do this, go to the bottom right of your screen, look for the Safely Remove Hardware icon, click on it, it will give you a list of devices, select the device you want to remove. The computer will then give you a message that it is safe to remove the device. You can then go ahead and disconnect it from the computer.

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