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I have problem with my Canon Pixma MP140, when I connected printer to the power source the printer error shows E5, then I tried to print my file the "cartridge is not installed properly" appears. but my cartridge was properly installed. Then I turned off the computer, I reinstalled the canon Insatlation again but still the error is there. How can I solve this problem?

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It is a simple way for reset canon Pixma . In order to reset canon Pixma mp140 with E5 error just you need to follow these few steps.

1.       Your first work is turn power off the printer that you want to reset.

2.       Then hold STOP/RESET button and at the time of holding that power on the printer.

3.       Then While holding POWER button same time release STOP/RESET button.

4.       Next push STOP/RESET button for two times.

5.       Wait for a moment  about 20-30 second  

6.       And then push STOP/RESET button again for four times.

7.       At last push POWER button for two times.

After this process you will find it is being reseated .

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Before Starting printing you should follow these steps :

a. Connect your printer to Power Source

b. Click and hold at Stop/Reset button

c. Then press power button

d. When the power led is light then press two times the Stop/Reset button

e. Release Power button and Stop/Reset button

f. You should wait till the power led is green then press Stop/Reset button 4 times to reset ink counter

g. After that disconnect the printer from the power source

h. Connect the printer again to the power supply and power the printer on

i. Now the counter is set to Zero

Hope this Solution helps you as when you follow these steps you won't face any error

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Hallo Nard,

To resolve that issue you are getting when using the Canon Pixma printer, you will need to do the following:

  • You will need to try holding down the Stop/Reset key for about 5 seconds of the Canon MP140.
  • After that you will need to reset it and see if it will recognize the cartridge.
  • Anyways, you will need to verify if have replaced the cartridge or you did a refill of it, for that may be a possible cause of the issue that you're getting.

Another thing you'd need to be sure about is that the colored tape was removed from the back of the ink cartridges. The tape is usually put on by the manufacturer to protect the circuits during shipping.