How to Repair My Harddisk?

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When I turn on my PC, every time it shows that: "Soon Your HDD will be failing, please don't use your PC to replace your HDD"

So what can I do now? Can I repair by troubleshooting or at home?

Please Answer me how to save my HDD


Shah Nawaze Pavel

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How to Repair My Harddisk?


Hello Nawaze,

You can save all your data onto hard disk in case your hard disk will fail. Below are the steps which you need to do to be able to avoid your issue or problem:

  • Copy our hard drive
  • Back up your hard drive
  • Recover your hard drive

If you really need to save your hard drive after having a crash or a problem, it can still be done in many ways. If you simply deleted your files and you want to recover it, many software programs exist that will help you recover your files. One of the most popular tools for recovering files on a hard drive is PC Inspector. I hope it helps.


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How to Repair My Harddisk?


Hi Shah nawaze

First you have to make a backup copy of your hard drive before you go to execute the following steps

  • Test your Hard drive by using a tool like HP hard drive self test
  • Or just turn off the PC and hit the power button and press F10 to go into BIOS. After going into BIOS just select HARD Drive SELF TEST
  • If the test is ok than your hard disk is fine and you just have to format it before using it again

It might be a problem with your Window that you have installed. Just reinstall the windows then I think it will resolve your problem

Another option is that just push your hard drive with SCAN DISK command that may be on disk I think so 

Just try one of these, hopefully your problem will be resolved



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How to Repair My Harddisk?

Here are the main reasons why hard drives fail:
1. Logical Failures. When the electronics of the hard drive fail and have issues, it means a logical failure has occurred. This kind of failure is the most inexpensive one to fix. It is also the easiest to fix. Ironically, this failure is very uncommon.
2. Media Failures. When a hard drive is not handled properly or if the magnetic platters are scratched, when it has read/write errors or have formatting issues, this is called a media failure. Like logical failures, they are also uncommon. If any of these errors occur, that means the data in the hard drive is also damaged.
3. Head Failures. This type of failure occurs when the Read/Write head crashes into the platters, more commonly known as the head crash. It can also occur when the head had an improper flying height. And lastly, it is considered a head failure if the wiring between the board and head is defective. Unlike the media and logical failures, this is a common failure.
4. Mechanical Failures. These types of failure make up the bulk of hard drive failure reasons. Because you use the computer, the motor can burn out, the drive overheats and bearings get stuck. These can be bad but if these failures don’t affect the magnetic platters, the chances of recovering will be higher. Be prepared with the costs it will incur though.
There are a few fixes you can do at home. First, you can format the hard disk and reinstall the operating system. If this doesn’t work, you can go to your local C drive, right click and go to Properties. Choose Disk Cleanup option. On the second tab, Tools, check the errors by using the error checking option. You can also use the defragmentation. Defragment the hard disk drive. After all this, restart your PC.
I hope this resolves your issue.
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How to Repair My Harddisk?


First you can right click on local disk C:

Go to properties.
Click on disk cleanup option.
Also in the second tab Tools, you can check the errors by error checking option.
The defragmentation is also must to defragment the hard disk drive.
If this can't help you then if you have knowledge about backup the hard disk then you can backup the data on another working hard disk. After completing this process you can format the hard disk as an NTFS and install a fresh operating system.
Hope this can solve your problem.
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How to Repair My Harddisk?


Hello Dear,

It is a very critical stage, and I recommend that you copy all your data to another Hard Disk drive immediately, because your hard disk is going to die.

In fact, everything that is manufactured in the world has an expiration date.

When engineers make something, they assume that this thing will run for a certain amount of time, so when the time period or life time on that thing ends, it shows error messages, as you have seen.

Get a new hard disk and move all of your data.

There is no way to save your old hard disk.

I hope this helps. Thanks.

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