How to repair monitor’s resolution issue?

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Hello everybody,

I am here to get a clue for the solution of the issue, which I am facing with my monitor. The issue can be described as that the resolution of my monitor is getting changed automatically. Therefore, whenever I set my favorite resolution and better one, it automatically varies after shutting down or restarting windows. I have got installed Windows Vista on my computer and am not been successful to handle this issue.

I have tried each of my tricks for whom I have knowledge but none of them appears as asset for me to solve this problem.

To fix this issue above all, I un-installed my VGA driver and then installed it again (hoping that this should fix issue) but it didn’t worked for me to overcome the problem. Then, I tried checking my monitor for hardware faults but according to inspection there is not a minor hardware fault either.

The ending step of mine for the fixation of this issue is, I have installed a new/fresh copy of my window too but even after this I am not been able to know the solution or to solve this. This now appears to me as an issue, which cannot be done by me without anyone’s help and now I have required some suggestions.

I am desperate now to learn the fixation method of this weird issue from anyone.

Meanwhile, I want/need to know How to repair monitor’s resolution issue?

If anybody has clue about my asked question then it would be highly appreciated upon given.

Thanks in advance.

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How to repair monitor’s resolution issue?



Well the problem you’re facing with your monitor regulation is a known problem to all. Many users have faced such problem. Well here I’m giving out some solution to solve this problem.

1. As you enclosed that your desired regulation gets back to default after each restart. Well the problem is that you should not use your monitor with high resolution and also high frequency. It becomes difficult for the monitor to give his best performance.

  • Monitor having limit frequency will face this type of problem.
  • It becomes hard for monitor to show the excess resolution.
  • Press the ESC key to get back to the original resolution of the monitor.

2. Monitors of CRT’s category faces problem to show 1024×768 resolution.

  • My suggestion is to keep the regulation to a reasonable level.
  • But if you want you can still use the High Frequency regulation into your computer. For that,
  • Press F8 then during the setup to go boot from VGA mode.
  • Set the display settings to supported resolution and uninstall the display driver to do this.
  • Reboot and install display driver.
  • Then Your desired resolution.
  • After that Reboot or restart again.

3. If your monitor is high definition monitor then you can set the High Frequency. For that,

  • Right-click on an empty spot on your desktop (the picture in the background) and select properties.
  • Go to the "Settings" Tab.
  • You will see a slider at the button with a "resolution" below it.
  • Use the slider to select different resolutions.
  • Click apply on each one to see if it fixes your problem.

4. You can also set regulation from the Display Bottom placed in your monitor and fiddle with the height and width controls on your monitor, referred by monitor manufacturers website or instructions for details.

5. If none of the solutions suits you then you can also show your monitor to nearest repair shop or your monitor’s manufactures office for further help.

Here are some basic ideas.

  • Setting the monitor to high frequency will not going to help you since it’s out of it’s capacity.
  • Higher Resolutions make everything appear small, which can be better in many cases when you need a lot of small space. Lower resolutions do the opposite.

Hope for the best. Take Care.

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How to repair monitor’s resolution issue?


Hi there,

Usually this issue/problem occurs for monitors that are newly installed where the driver for the monitor is automatically detected and installed. The detector may possible detect and install the wrong driver which will result to a bad resolution.

Try to uninstall your monitor by following these steps:

  1. Re-start the computer.
  2. Re-boot system and select Safe Mode from the list of options.
  3. Click "Start" button. Right click on "My Computer". Click "Properties". Go to "Hardware" tab. Click on "Device Manager".
  4. Click on the (+) beside "Monitors" to expand it and right click on the monitor installed and click on "Uninstall".
  5. Restart your computer.

After uninstalling and restarting, computer will again automatically re-install your monitor. This time, detector may be able to detect the correct drivers that are compatible to your system and monitor.

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