How to repair a monitor side buttons

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Hello How can I replace the monitor side buttons in a CRT monitor?

the buttons are all stuck i have tried to disassembly the monitor but there are no screw's ?

and also how can i keep a recap a monitor capacitor?

God bless to all.

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How to repair a monitor side buttons


Hi Michael,

Starting System Monitor

This applies if you are using Windows Operating System, the performance console can be controlled, follows procedures below:

  • Click ‘Performance’ on the ‘Administrative Tools’ menu.
  • Click ‘Run’ from the Start menu, and then in the pop-up window type ‘perfmon.msc’, and then click ‘  ‘OK’
  • At the Windows command prompt, type ‘perform.msc’  

A blank System Monitor graph will come out when you start the Performance console. Performance Logs and Alerts will let you control the monitor.

Now if these steps will not work, I would suggest to the Handy Man Shop or Enterprise and buy screw driver to manually fix the monitor with you.

You can choose an array of crew from cheapest to most expensive.

This is the most practical solution to this issue.

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How to repair a monitor side buttons


It is easy to repeat your cathode ray tube monitor buttons. You just need a pushing thing it can be a thing that fit on your CRT monitor buttons and doesn't damage your CRT monitor buttons.

Now once you find that thing now put it on the monitor buttons and push the buttons with a force that is not less not so high.

Keep pressing the buttons and you will see that it will be easy to work with next. Apply the force in such a way that it work fine and doesn't hurt your monitor. But it must be in such a way that it came alive, and it work fine with your monitor.

You just need to apply a perfect force and it will work fine. I hope you are now able to work with this.

If you can afford a technician then you can even send your monitor to service and after service it will work perfectly.

This will help you lot to solve your problem.

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