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How to remove embedded cookies? I don’t know where can I perform and execute the setup for this. Experts I need your help, I want to remove embedded cookies. 
Thank you.

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Methods to delete cookies will vary a bit depending on the web browser that you are using. To delete cookies in internet explorer click on tools and internet options. Then internet option box will appear with a delete button on the general tab underneath browsing history. Once that delete button is clicked it gives you the option to delete cookies, temporary internet files, offline files and even browsing history. One other less conventional way to delete cookies in windows is to click on start, then run. In the run box type the word "cookies", (without the quotation marks) then hit "enter".

The cookies folder will open and you can highlight everything in the folder by clicking "edit" and "select all" or by using the shortcut Ctrl+A everything in the folder will be highlighted then simply press "delete". Don't forget to empty your recycle bin after deleting otherwise the files that you delete will still take up space on your hard drive. Here's to a happy and healthy computer.