How to reduce “taskhost.exe” CPU usage in windows 2007

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i have problem in my CPU .. its always 100% .. and "taskhost.exe" take  100% of my CPU..  and "chrome.exe" is open many time even i open just 1 page of CHROME…

any one can help me to reduce my CPU


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How to reduce “taskhost.exe” CPU usage in windows 2007


Hi Vina Cook,

About "taskhost.exe", it is responsible for the processes that are running from the DLLs rather than from the EXEs. The number of "taskhost.exe" processes running are based on the number of DLL based services that are running. Apart from this if the "taskhost.exe" takes more usage means your system might be affected by virus/malwares. Check your system completely with antivirus. To find the "taskhost.exe" normal CPU usage boot in the safe mode and check your Task Manager.

About "chrome.exe", Google Chrome is designed in such a way that it creates new process for each tab. So for every tab you open, a new process is created. This is to avoid the crashing of application and spread process across multi-core systems.

Hope this helps you!!!!!!!!!!

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