How to put some colorful picture borders?

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Hello friends,

How to put some colorful picture borders? I am using Microsoft word application to do some essay report and I want to be creative in a simple way. I need your help in the process of decorating some colorful picture borders for my essay writing activity.

Thanks and Regards,

Pamela Gonzalez.

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How to put some colorful picture borders?



In Microsoft Word it is very easy to add a border to your essay, table or picture to make them more eye appealing.  First lets go through the process of  adding a border to an essay or text.  Once you have the essay or paper written you will go to Page Setup>Borders>Page Borders.  In this Page Border dialog box you will be able to choose a border that will accent your paper.  You can change the color and width of the border to suit your taste.  Once you have gotten everything to your taste you can click on Preview then Apply. 

To add a design to a picture or chart its just as easy.  Once you have the object finished click on the Format Tab.  Next go to the Styles group and choose the Page Border or Shape Outline button.  Once you are here you can manipulate the color and thickness of the design and you can even add some shading to make your design even bolder. 

The last area is adding a border to a table, after you have created the table open the Table Styles group.  The next step is to choose the Table Tools Design tab and click on Borders.  Once you have opened this window you can start deciding where to place the border and again choose the thickness, color and shading you desire then click "ok".    The great aspect with Microsoft Word is its very versatile in the fact that if you don't like the borders that are preloaded you can search for more custom designs on the internet, either way you can make your objects very appealing.

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How to put some colorful picture borders?


Hi Pamela Gonzalez,

  • If you are using Microsoft word to put some colorful border pictures, then i think it is a waste of time, because there are not good varieties of clip arts.
  • To put some colorful and beautiful borders, there are many websites online where you can get your desired images.
  • Adobe Photoshop is a software where you can edit and manage the images very easily.
  • I would personally recommend you PE3 Photo Express 3 software here you can get many advantages.
  • Stock photo Express makes it very easy for users to manage their photos.

I hope you will get good results by using these software.

Thanks very much.

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