How to put a picture in system ?

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How to add or place an image into the general tab in my system?

Some client brought me the computer but I am not able to get the instructions on how to a put a picture in the system.

Please suggest some tips.

I want to use my official logo in my system in the general tab.

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How to put a picture in system ?


To put a picture on the General Tab of your Computer System, navigate to C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32 folder. Locate the oeminfo.ini and double-click to launch it. It will look like this:

General Tab of your Computer System

Just type the required information on the general and support information. If you will enter information on Line 1 only, the Support Information button will not be available. But if you enter information on Line 1 and Line 2 then you can see all the information you typed when you click on the Support Information button. You need to have an image that is no larger than 180 pixels on width and 114 pixels in height then save your image as oemlogo.bmp. Once you have your image, copy and paste it in the C:WINDOWSSYSTEM32 folder.

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