How To Put Or Create Excel Cover Page Design?

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Hello experts,

How to put or create excel cover page design? I got my reports written in an Microsoft excel format and I want to make some cool cover to be more presentable during the submission. I wish you can suggest on how to place a excel cover on page design.

Thank you.

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Hi Shannon,

The answer to your question is Yes. You can create a cover page in your file through Microsoft Excel. What you need to do are:

1. Open a blank document.

2. Select Views.

3. Select Custom Layout.

4. Select all cells and then merge.

5. The page will now function as a word document in excel file.

After doing those things, you can insert pictures, design lay outs and anything you want to make it look cool.

Hope it helps.



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First you insert a new excel sheet in front of old sheets. You will use this sheet as a cover page. Now go to menu bar click Insert and then select “Word Art”. Now you can use this tool to type document name etc with different text styles and sizes. After entering all your text. Click “Page Layout” in menu bar. Now select background and insert a picture of your choice as background of typed text.

Note: You have to perform all these steps because there is no direct method to insert cover page in excel.

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Hey Shannon, if you mean like how to put cover page on your soft copy of excel document then there is way you can do this. Follow below steps:-

  1. First resize the row A so that it appears only on the cover page. You can do this by taking help of Print Preview page.
  2. Select all the columns of row A.
  3. Right click on it then go to format.
  4. In the alignment tab click merge cells.
  5. Now you can insert anything in row A from insert tab to make your design for cover.  

You can use clip art, image insert, word art features to design cover.

Hope it helps.

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You can make a standard cover page by doing the steps given below:

  • Restrict the work area few columns and rows.
  • Lock Formula Cell and protect the worksheet.
  • Freeze Panes so that your boss knows what she/he reading.
  • Hide un necessary/Calculation sheets.
  • Hide Rows/Columns.
  • Include cell-comments/Help messages.
  • Use consistent Colors and schemes.
  • Name and color worksheet tabs appropriately.


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If you want to include a cover page design in your Microsoft Excel file, the design must be contained in a separate worksheet in the file and then move it ahead of the other worksheets making it the first worksheet of the file. Doing this, the design will be the first thing the user will see upon opening the Microsoft Excel file. There is really no specific way of creating the cover page and this is a “user’s own thing to do” of designing the sheet.

If your Excel file already has several worksheets in it, create a new sheet by pressing SHIFT + F11. After this, move it in front of the file or at the beginning of the file. You can do this by clicking the sheet’s name at the bottom then select “Move or Copy”. In the “Move or Copy” dialog box under “Before sheet”, select the first sheet on the list then hit OK. Your design page will now be moved to the front. Or you can also drag the sheet before all other sheets in the spreadsheet.

You can now insert different images in your cover sheet to make your spreadsheet more presentable. You can add different pictures or images under the Insert tab as well as add different WordArt styles to enhance the appearance of the texts.

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