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How To close and Permanently Delete Your Account on Popular Websites

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1. Open your Web browser and navigate to the account deletion page on the Yahoo! website. Log in with your username and password.

2. Verify that the user ID at the top of the page is correct and review the information on the page below, which explains how to end certain paid services, such as subscriptions, the various services that will end when you delete your Yahoo! account, and the terms governing your account deletion.

3. Confirm your identity by entering your password once more in the blank field below "Are you sure you want to terminate your Yahoo! Account?"

4. Click "Terminate this account."

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Hello Qamar,

I will advice that you observe keenly which websites you register to, because the internet can be a dangerous place to disseminate your private information in the error we are living in. There are a lot of fraud cases, people are being tricked and conned on the internet for seamlessly providing their confidential information like credit card and account numbers.

To delete your account completely from a website, you will need to trace the place for deleting the account which in most cases is under the account settings. Some of these websites include email service providers and social networks. Other activities that you can do to ensure the security of your account is to limit the accessibility and the people who can view your account.


Lee Hung

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Terminating account on a popular websites is optional. There are ways to do it but some websites doesn't have this kind of feature. Facebook website for example, you have an opportunity to terminate the account permanently but it will take sometime to permanently delete you subscription.

Let's use Facebook as an example;

Log-in to
Look for an arrow down beside Home option
Click on arrow pointing down and select Account Settings
On the left Panel on Account Settings
Click on Security option
Look for Deactivate your account
Enter your Password to confirm the changes
And select the best options why you want to delete your subscription
Confirm your options and don't log-in to your Facebook account for numbers of days

This should let you delete your account permanently on Facebook website.

Sharath Reddy