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Author: Chloe Chylly
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Hello experts,

How to perform csd file unpack? I got some .csd files from my desktop folder and was asked to unpack those files. What it means and how will I be going to that? Is it like extracting a zip file using WinRAR? I know you have some knowledge regarding this issue.

Thank you.

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You can use Microsoft share point to extract a .csd file. Most of the compact shared fileshare (Microsoft share point server 2007 temporary files). You can use the Microsoft share point software to extract your files.

Smith Thompson

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Hello Chloe Chylly,

My pleasure to help you.

The mean of CSD is Compact Shared Documents. It is an Electronic document format use to store converted image or text document into a zip format up to 10 times minimized than the original document. And it can be viewed on a Personal Computer or a mobile Device.

I recommend you the CSD Reader to decompress a CSD file into the original file format. You can download the CSD Reader from

There are lots of CSD Readers to download for any kind of operation system and you can choose the correct one for you.

I am sure this opinion will solve your problem.

Thank you.