How to open 1000 thumbnail pics in zip?

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Hello fellows,

How to open 1000 thumbnail pictures in zip?

I tried to extract all the files but I can’t find it in the folder. Maybe there is a problem while my friend zipped the entire data.

I would like to ask some opinions from you guys that will help me resolve this problem.


Mia Molly.

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How to open 1000 thumbnail pics in zip?


Hello Molly,

If that method won't work. Try double clicking the file. You should be able to see the Thumbnails with your default extracting software. If you see them which you should heres what you need to do.

  1. Simply highlight all files by pressing the old shortcut key CTRL + A to select all.
  2. Copy selected files by pressing CTRL + C.
  3. Go to your desktop or preferred directory and create a folder and name it.
  4. Navigate inside the created folder and Paste it by CTRL + V.

If you don't see the pictures inside the default extracting software you might need to ask your friend re-zipping the files once again. 

If your friend is sure that it was properly compressed. You need to update your extracting software instead. Or you might need to consider using other extracting software.

Hope that helps.

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